Sunday, August 17, 2008

OMG it's been SOOO long since my last posting. I'm a BIG girl now, running, talking, and eating... always eating.

I have two words for you - BLUEBERRY PANCAKES!"

Don't you think this brown scarf (bandana) really compliments my hair?

Everyone has such nice smiles, including me!

Gee this is a beautiful lawn. What's your secret Grandpa Ron?

It's as if I can see you...

Grandma Roz and I had a good time watching the squirrels eat all the bird feed!

She's Abby and I'm Addie, and we're riding Dumbo at Disney World!

I couldn't be happier that "It's a Small World After All".

The Ewoks are coming! The Ewoks are coming!

Let's all make a face like Dori!

This two piece has room for my big belly.

At the Wild Animal Resort, there were REAL animals just outside our balcony. Remember that in the middle of the night when you hear strange noises.

I really wanted to bring a giraffey home with us to meet Bohdi but mommy wouldn't let me.

Here in Oregon, one must remember to stop and eat the ferns.

Ready to go to school. Just don't put too much in my pack or I fall over.

Look, I can feed myself just fine.

What, like you don't sleep with your bum in the air?!

I know what you're thinking - synchronized swimming, 2024 Olympics.

The Easter Bunny brought me great surprises!

And then made for some great footwear!

My very own birthday cupcake and I didn't have to share it with anyone except for my chair, tray, bib, hair, hands and face.

I'm heading out in my sweatshirt and sunhat (yes, it's a perfect combination in Oregon). Call me.

I'm foaming at the mouth...wonder if anyone will notice.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

It's Been How Long?! I'm now crawling, standing (not walking yet), and eating with my hands.

Play Area Open. BYOT - bring your own toy.

Itsy bitsy spider.....

I share my soppy soggy cookie with you!

Checking out the Gulf of Mexico...looks good to me!

My chair. Get your own.

And his father too.

Just until I get a REAL one.

I like to accessorize any outfit with a bib.

That's right, I am a righteous babe.

Rock on, dude.

My first halloween costume... those aren't my feet!

Do I look Oregonian?

Too much MTV.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Things I can do...

I can laugh at Uncle Tony's corny jokes.

I can crack myself up.

I can blow raspberries at you.

I can talk with my OUTSIDE voice when I'm not outside.

I can eat rice cereal.

I can spit rice cereal at you.

I can wear rice cereal.

I can dry my own hair.

I can share a sweatshirt with my mom.

I can tell Bohdi to eat sand.

I can make my own bubbles in the tub.

I can get group hugs.

I can dance with you.

I can reach my toes.